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ESL Dialogue: How to Ask Questions - who, what, where, when, why, and how.

Transcript:ESL Conversation: How to Ask Questions in English
Hi, I'm Ellen Quish from the Adult Learning Center at LaGuardia Community College in New York City for About.com.
English Question Words
To get information in English, we can use words such as how, why, where, when, who, which, and what. These words are called WH words. Listen for the 'WH' words in the dialogue.
Sample ESL Question Conversation
Good afternoon, 311. How can I help you?

Hello, I am planning a trip to New York City, and I need some information.

Yes, when will you be arriving?

On April 1st. How can I get to Manhattan from the airport?

Which airport will you arrive at?

LaGuardia Airport.

You can take M60.

Where in Manhattan does it go?

The M60 goes to the west side and the east side. When does your flight arrive?

At 10 am.

The M60 leaves the airport every 8 minutes in the morning.

My last question: what color is the bus?

Blue and white. Now I have some questions for you. Who told you about 311, and why are you coming to New York City?

My friend told me about 311 and I'm traveling to New York City for a job interview.

Enjoy your visit and good luck with the interview!

Thank you.

So remember, 'WH' words can help you get information to important questions.

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