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Fish Idioms - BBC Learning English "The Teacher"

There's something fishy about this.

A big fish in a small pond.

A fish out of water.

Hello, I’m a very interesting and intelligent man.
And look at these little fellows swimming about all around the place. Well today, these fish and I have decided to get together to teach you some English idioms. I bet you’ve never been taught by a fish before.
Take a look at this fellow – strange, isn’t he? In fact he looks a bit fishy. Of course he does! He is a fish!
In English we can say that a strange or suspicious situation is ‘fishy’. There’s something fishy about this.
Actually, there is something fishy about this… I only got this job because my brother’s the boss!
Here’s a big one. But is he the biggest fish in the world? Of course not! He’s a big fish in a small pond – or tank actually. A big fish in a small pond.
In English we can say that someone who’s important or powerful – but only in a small organisation – is a big fish in a small pond.
Like me. Or him.
I know you’re not stupid, but I’m going to ask you a very simple question.
Ready? Where do fish live?
Yes, of course you’re right: in the sea… yes or a river…yes or a stream, yes or a pond… yes or a tank… alright, alright, alright - in water.
Ah, good, our fish again. Happy isn’t he, swimming around in all that water? But what if we took him out of the water?
He'd be very, very unhappy and uncomfortable because he's in an unfamiliar place. A fish out of water.
Like me in the discotheque. I'm a fish out of water!

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