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Pie Idioms - BBC Learning English "The Teacher"

The Teacher from BBC World Service introduces you to three idiomatic phrases connected with pies.

It's as easy as pie.


To have a finger in many pies.

Hello, I’m a very interesting and intelligent man. And today this pie and I are getting together to teach you some English idioms.
I bet you’ve never been taught by a pie before!
Now you’re probably thinking ‘It’s very difficult to learn anything from a pie’, but you’re wrong.
It’s as easy as pie.
In English, if something is very easy, we can say ‘it’s as easy as pie’.
It’s as easy as pie. Oh, excuse me. I really need a drink after all that pie.
Ah, I think I’ve had enough actually, thank you.
In fact, I’m completely pie-eyed.
In English, if someone is very drunk, we can he's pie-eyed. Pie-eyed. I think I need a little sleep.
Pies. Many pies.
Did I tell you my boss is threatening to fire me because I’m too weird?
But I don’t really care because I’ve got all my other jobs. On Monday I’m a fire eater, on Tuesdays I’m a brain surgeon, on Wednesdays I’m a clown, on Thursdays I’m an astronaut and on Fridays I’m… a traffic warden.
I’ve got my fingers in many pies.
In English, if a person has their finger in many pies it means they are involved in lots of different activities.
To have a finger in many pies.

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