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Foot idioms - BBC Learning English "The Teacher"

I've got itchy feet.

I got cold feet.

I shot myself in the foot.

Hello, I’m a very interesting and intelligent man.
And today these feet and I will be teaching you some English idioms. I bet you’ve never been taught by some feet before.
Ah, the world. One day I’d like to visit the world.
You see, I haven’t left this room since… um… actually… I’ve never left this room. Oh But I’d love to travel!!
That’s right. I’ve got itchy feet.
In English, if you have a strong feeling that you'd like to travel, we say “I’ve got itchy feet”. I’ve got itchy feet.
Well maybe I should wash them more often.
I did try to leave this room once. I planned to visit my dream country … Belgium. But I suddenly became too frightened to do it.
That's right, I got cold feet.
In English, if we make a plan, but then decide not to do it because we are too nervous we say “I got cold feet”.
I got cold feet.
Well, perhaps I should buy some socks!
Erm, ok friends - a word of advice. NEVER play with guns.
Otherwise……you could shoot yourself in the foot!
In English, if you do something that ruins a situation for you, we say “I shot myself in the foot.”
I shot myself in the foot.
Like that time I ran a Marathon, only instead of drinking water, I drank beer!
Oh, I was completely useless. Ha! I could hardly run in a straight line!
Hang on, wait for me! Wait! Come back! Come back! Come back!

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