среда, 9 мая 2012 г.

9 MAY - Victory day!

I congratulate all world's veterans on such important for us holiday - Victory day! I wish strong health, happiness and clean blue sky above your heads!

On May 9, the people of the Russian Federation celebrate the anniversary of their Great Victory in the Great Patriotic War against fascist Germany. We are proud that our grandparents and army of USSR played the decisive part in defeating fascism.
The Second World War was a grim trial for the Soviet Union's people and their army. Hitler's army was the strongest in the capitalist's world. Fascist Germany had occupied France, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Norway and other European countries. It had economic resources of almost all of Western Europe. However, despite the severe defeats at the beginning of the war, the Soviet Army managed to launch a counter-offensive near Moscow towards the end of 1941 and defeated the enemy troops. This way the first important defeat of the fascist German army in the Second World War.
Our historic victory on the banks of the Volga in 1942 shook the enemies to its very foundation. 330,000 Germans were surrounded and defeated. After this splendid victory the Soviet Army began to deal the enemy stronger and stronger blows. Having driven the fascist invaders from the Soviet territory, the Soviet Army helped the peoples of European countries to liberate their lands from fascist oppression.

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