воскресенье, 13 мая 2012 г.

National Chicken Dance Day

Come on, admit it. You've rocked the chicken dance once or twice in your lifetime. Whether you were at a birthday party, wedding, or family gathering, chances are this well-known party song has come on and you've felt yourself walk over to the dance floor to participate in the silly dance moves with fellow dancers like yourself.

The melody for the chicken dance was written in the late 1950's by a Swiss accordion player named Werner Thomas. He began performing the song in 1963 at his Davos restaurant where people began to sporatically dance to the melody of the song. The movements of the people dancing reminded Werner of the ducks and chickens that he tended to and soon enough the dance evolved to include a beak, wing, and tail motions. The chicken dance migrated to America during the 1970's and it was not long before it became a staple of the dance-party circuit. To celebrate National Chicken Dance Day, turn on this familiar tune and dance like a chicken!

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